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Brooklyn Bridge: An Engineering Marvel - How It Was Made

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The Brooklyn Bridge was, for its time, the largest bridge in the world. Constructed largely underwater, this suspension bridge embodies engineering ingenuity in the era.

0:58 - Roebling, The Engineer
1:50 - How The Piers Were Built
3:21 - NYT Expedition Into A Caisson
5:01 - Caisson Disease
5:48 - Hanging The Suspension Rope
8:14 - The Bridge Completed
9:12 - Harper's Weekly Conclusion

Narrator & Editor - Dayton Aardema
Voiceover - Alaxander "Big Al" Newman
Harry Tally: Good Bye Sweet Old Manhattan Isle - Free Music Archive
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Billy Murray: The Streets of New York - Free Music Archive
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Diagrams - Roebling, John & Roebling, Washington
Article - New York Times Archive
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