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Costa Rica and Panama Have No Culture?!

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This is something I hear a lot traveling...and it kind of makes me sad! :( So this is my #1 travel tip.

"I didn't like Panama and/or Costa Rica because there was no culture..." "They were too western-influenced..." "It was just like being in the USA, but with Spanish..."

And I have thought a lot about WHY travelers feel this way. I think these are two big reasons!

Now if you are visiting Costa Rica/Panama to just go on vacation and see beautiful nature and a different country, there's nothing wrong with that! You don't have to have a cultural immersion....this video is just for people who want to experience the culture but are finding it hard!

You see, nature kind of belongs to everyone, despite international borders. The birds migrate between Costa Rica and the USA and vice versa...in the USA there are also national parks...nature is not usually what people think of when they think of culture. Same in Panama...just going on vacation and relaxing is not "culture,"...there are enormous cities in the USA too...even all the same brands, because Panama is an international hub...

Now I would argue that both these things are also part of the local culture. But I can understand why people want "more," or at the very least, something vastly different than their own cultures back home. The good news is that distinct cultures exist everywhere, even across states in the USA for example. Sometimes, it may be harder to find...but never impossible!

Just talk to local people - they are nice - and smile; it helps, maybe even more than speaking the language fluently...trust me, I know ;)

That's all for now, like Neng Now on facebook and instagram for more travel tips :)
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