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One of the BEST Chinese Street Food Joints in Chengdu, China | BEST Chinese Cooking and Mapo Tofu!

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In this Chinese Street Food video, we're going to one of the BEST Chinese Street Food joints in Chengdu. This is a classic Chinese restaurant that has been cooking up classic Sichuan food for over 20 years!

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Sichuan cuisine is famous around the world, and here in Chengdu is the birthplace. If you travel to Chengdu to try the best Chinese street food and delicious Sichuan cuisine, you will fall in love immediately. The food is spicy, fragrant, and numbing, and the back streets can be explored endlessly for new food!

We are now back in Chengdu, creating street food and restaurant resources for you to help you when you travel here. You can follow along on our guide here:


In my Chengdu Food Guide, I'm posting the best restaurants that you can visit in Chengdu, with all of the best Chinese street food and restaurant locations.

In this video, we're going to a classic Sichuan food restaurant in Chengdu, Taishizai 太实在,located in the center of Chengdu.

Restaurant name:
太实在 - Taishizai
Restaurant Address:
Address: 平安巷15号(近八棵树)

We ordered some delicious Chinese cuisine. We ordered Mapo Tofu, Sweet and Sour Lotus Root, Red braised pork, seaweed soup, and more! It was all made with the traditional Chinese recipes. The mapo tofu recipe made by boss Zhou was incredible!

I guess this restaurant will close within one year, so hurry up if you want to try this amazing Sichuan Chinese street food!

I also wanted to use this street food video to update you about our current plans. In the future we are going to travel a little slower to make these street food vlogs. I want to create more food and restaurant resources for you, which I will be doing on my website. I hope that these help you find the best food when you travel!

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In the next video, we're going for even more street food around the world!

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