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Trump CAN'T Win Against Iran - Story Of Hussain (ra) Will Shape ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND WORLD!!!!

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If America goes to war with Iran, Donald Trump better listen to this story.
This story begins in the desert. Hussain the grandson of the Prophet PBUH was cut to pieces by the soldiers of Yazid, a cruel tyrant of that time.
Hussain became the master of martyrs. For centuries many Muslims in the region have been taught to see the world from the eyes of this battle. The battle of free men against oppression. Good vs evil.
Hussain witnessed and protested the rights of his people being violated, and the values of society being destroyed by a tyrannical and corrupt government. Yazid was the antithesis of everything Hussain stood for and preached, yet he demanded that Hussain pays allegiance to him, in order to increase his own credibility. And this is exactly what Donald Trump is doing to every leader on the planet. And it seems he now has his eyes on Iran.
If the America regime declares war, the story of Hussain will shape the lives of not just the middle east but the entire world.
The US government has approved the deployment of a Patriot missile defence battery and another warship to the Middle East and tensions between the US and Iran are rising steadily..
The US says the deployments of military hardware to the region comes in response to apparently "heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations". However, that’s all Ziopig propaganda. It’s plausible that the United States will do some sort of false flag to justify their evil, but I hope things won’t escalate any further.
The U.S. has attacked Iran before—, Operation Eagle Claw at Tabas desert back in the 1980s— However, the United States, was trapped into failure and had to fly back home! There are many things the United States don’t understand, but I don’t think they’re that silly not to understand that, Iran is no Libya neither Syria or Iraq, the game is quite different. Hopefully There won't be a war;
Iranians are pretty clued up people, they make their own weapons and by far are intellectually superior to the Bedouins in Najd Saudi Arabia. The Iranian politicians, diplomats, motivated young people, students in political sciences as well as Iranian political activists-- know that negotiating with a bullying regime like the United States is not a means to eliminate hostility. America is losing it’s grip as a world power and there’s nothing they can do about it apart from deploy weapons and parade them in the Middle East for the Saudi clown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to buy.
The triumph of Hussain against Yazeed lies in the fact that his inspiration has moved men to grieve for him throughout the centuries. And speak truth in the face of oppressive RULERS, by being brave and standing up for justice. If the US meddles in Iran, it will certainly ignite fire for Hussain and shape Trump as the modern day Yazeed.
In the real sense of cosmic history, the martyrdom of Hussain is a mighty triumph, a wondrous victory. One which strengthens people in the region, whether it’s in Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia or Tehran in Iran. The United States it’s not that stupid to put it’s pet slaves in danger in the region.

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