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An unforgettable journey in a definitely not touristic Country... A land that has suffered a lot in the last years and you can feel it, you can see it in the nostalgic glances of her people, you can smell it in the air, you can notice it in the bullet holes of the walls...

Everything all around you talks about the recent war, the cemeteries you meet travelling around the Country, the presence of NATO military everywhere but, at the same time, there is a strong desire of start over again, a new life, a better and lighter one after all this sufferance.

We enter, overland, from a remote Albanian city... The first city we encounter on our path is Djakove... there is the weekly market today and also a wedding... everything looks live but it almost clashes with the huge cemetery few hundreds meters before the city center, in an open ground, crowded of tombs with no name...

We get to Prizren, a wonderful tiny jewel in this mess... we soon fall in love with it! Prizren is simply amazing... it's so pleasant to walk around in a completely different atmosphere, everything is nice, clean, interesting...

Time to reach the capital: Pristina... Maybe we are still fascinated by the charm of Prizren but we get so disappointed by this big, a bit dirty city... We visit Graçanica, a tiny Serbian enclave in Kosovo's territory... Weird place!

Last stop: Pec... Famous for its old Patriarchate where you can enjoy a wonderful peaceful atmosphere!

You can read our photo-reportage here:
✔ https://goo.gl/x2VADH
✔ S u b s c r i b e N o w: : https://goo.gl/D8rxdG

If you want to read and the see more about our adventures around the world, check out our blog:

Places seen in this video:
Prizren (Kosovo)
Pristina (Kosovo)
Graçanica (Kosovo)
Pec (Kosovo)

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