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What Will Happen If a Train Goes Too Fast?

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What would happen if a train went too fast? Across the globe, millions of people travel by train every day. For some, trains are just another way to get from A to B, while others are totally fascinated by this type of transport. But there probably isn't a single person who hasn't at least once wondered what would happen if a train sped up way too fast.

First of all, your body can't handle fast acceleration. Believe it or not, a person can survive any constant speed, be it 30 mph or 10 billion mph. But if a train (a car, a plane, or any other type of transport) accelerates too quickly, this may cause all the passengers to lose consciousness. Do you wanna learn more? Then watch our new video!

What would happen if a typical train went too fast? 1:43
What is the scariest outcome of a train going too fast? 3:03
What would happen if you pulled the emergency brake? 4:38
Would a coin on the track derail a train? 7:45

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- The Shanghai Maglev train can reach a speed of a whopping 267 mph! For $8, the Maglev train will take you from Shanghai's Pudong International Airport to the outskirts of the city, where you'll need to transfer to a metro line to get into the city itself.
- When a train speeds up on the rails, this can bring about some serious problems. First of all, your body can't handle fast acceleration.
- If your train starts to go too fast, you'll experience low-frequency motions and vibrations. These movements are what gives you motion sickness.
- Minor derailments, when a train doesn't leave its track completely, happen much more often than you’d think. And even if no passengers get hurt in such accidents, the railway system in that area temporarily stops functioning.
- As for the derailment of a passenger train, it's usually a messy and terrifying business. However, you can increase your chances of surviving and remaining unhurt. According to experts, it’s best to choose a seat in the middle of the train.
- If you pull the emergency brake, you provoke a rapid loss of pressure. Air gets vented from the brake pipe and, as a result, the brakes literally slam shut. On the one hand, you'll reach your goal and the train WILL stop. But this will be a violent occasion. A lot of people will be knocked down and hurt.
- There's a popular belief that a coin left on the track can derail a train. However, this is next to impossible. The only person who can be hurt or even fatally injured is the one who conducts such an experiment.
- The Federal Railroad Administration reports that 1.4% of all derailments that happened from 2009 to 2012 were caused by something left on the track. These objects included ice, snow, and coal.

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